The great spirit of the American Jewelry

Tiffany is always good at manufacturing marketing story for their own brands, unlike Cartire’s origin, at first it was just a small stationery shop, but Charles Luis Tiffany still has great ideals and aspirations, hopes to become the world first-class brand tiffany. At that time, the Royal jewellery brand of the European Court was the mainstream of the society, like the Cartire “the emperor’s jeweller, the emperor of the jeweler”. When Tiffany wants to stand out, it is very important to develop the jewelry market and promote the brand.

The world’s largest and most high-quality diamond mines have been mined in South Africa in 1877 next year, Kimberley, Charles will be $18000 to buy. In the famous Tiffany gemmologists under the guidance of Dr. George Pons, the artisans worked over more than 10 diamonds, the largest diamond weighing 128.51 carats, is named “Tiffany Diamond” this diamond color is very bright yellow canary, a round cushion, 28.50 mm long, 27 mm wide, 22.22 mm thick, there are 90 facets, glittering, very precious. Relying on a rare treasures Meizuan, Mr Tiffany has not only been “king of diamonds” arena fame, also consolidate his brand in the gemstone industry jiangshan.

It is worth mentioning that Tiffany for gem value unique vision, has a very large relationship with a person, he is just mentioned in George Frederick Pons (George Frederick Kunz), and the research on mineral he through self-study, got a solid foundation for the customer in gemology, Tiffany around the world looking for incomparable extraordinary gems of course, for people like Tiffany should be included in the bag, only 23 year old George Pons Tiffany entered the top.

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