Tiffany’s Christmas window settings in the past year

In the highly marketable “eyeball age”, the big brands are in the shop window, the beauty Chen’s vision and the color marketing first to be strong. The theme management model in succession can attract consumers by planning various theme activities to enhance competitiveness, attention and consumption income.

In November 21st, Tiffany & Co.’s Christmas lighting ceremony for the first time in New York left home, came to Shanghai Huaihailu Road Chinese Tiffany Hongkong square shop, to follow the 180 years of the brand for the first time landing Chinese Christmas tradition, and at the same time, the Chinese Tiffany brand spokesman Ni Ni, the brand started the battle for christmas.

Every year, Tiffany’s Christmas window is a big look. Tiffany set up jewelry in the storytelling background. These storytelling windows perfectly presented Tiffany’s outstanding works, plus Tiffany’s unique “Tiffany blue” to increase visual perception and stimulate color memory. Not only in the magnificent scene led people to stop, more is to showcase the brand for the originality of exquisite sincerity tribute process handed down.

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