Tiffany first lady fragrance

As the world’s top jewelry brands and the origin of American design, Tiffany & Co. (Tiffany) since its inception, has been standing in the contemporary culture in the teeth of the storm. In 1837, Charles Lewis (Charles Lewis Tiffany) Tiffany in New York set up a small but extraordinary finished jewelry store, and with its distinctive style, quality and meaningful innovative design excellence in society, and the rich and powerful political leaders in caused a sensation. Mr Tiffany’s affection for the diamond makes him hesitate to buy a discovery in 1877 to perfect the United States 128.54 carat diamond.

Then, until 1887, Mr. Tiffany gradually acquired about 1/3 of the French royal jewellery, so he gained the reputation of “king of diamonds” and established the brand tradition of pursuing excellence today. In 180 years, Tiffany & Co. Tiffany the constant pursuit of innovation in the design progress, to please their loyal followers. Today, Tiffany & Co. has been the world’s celebrities and fashion people of all ages, and the most famous classic Tiffany blue box has also become a representative of fashion, exquisite and innovative logo symbol.

She is the first “Tiffany liquid diamond” is a bold and straightforward, unique and completely beyond all expectations of innovation, with a more powerful, more modern way from the essence of brand Tiffany highlight. The core of the world still follow Tiffany, with pure release of the soul of the brand – Inch bare skin, a mellow fragrance, a diamond and a classic blue refraction. This is a new exploration of the modern transformation of fine fragrance, precious extracted from nature into the charming atmosphere, it condenses into a lovely perfume. Her temperament and appearance will make the whole world perfume cemu.

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