Why does Tiffany and Co do a cafe business?

Tiffany’s biggest problem is that, as mentioned in the above two articles, it is out of time from product to marketing. Therefore, we see that even the luxury market to pick up a year, Tiffany is still negative in the same store sales, although the company will be the main responsibility to the performance of the flagship store in Fifth Avenue because of the strong dollar and anti espionage action trump (Tiffany flagship store in New York adjacent to the Trumpt tower), but two reasons are not convincing.

A modern city of independent women, are willing to spend $2000 to buy a tiffany rings, or are willing to spend the same price to buy 20, 30 beautiful fashion can DIY Pandora bracelet?

I’ve been comparing the two brands, because the two brands have been in the opposite direction for the past two years. Many people also laugh at how these two brands can compare, and two are not competitors at all.

If your Tiffany managers are also think so, I’m afraid is another negative factor of brand. But I think, Tiffany old management, from the chairman to the CEO, all be fired after the new administration will not think so.

Rich consumers are usually quantified in the luxury world, of course not just for a brand, but for the whole industry. The variable lies in the non – affluent class, that is, the middle class we usually say, and Tiffany is losing this part of the customer.

You buy a $150 Elsa Peretti series silver ring may be considered poor and vanity also hate the same price, you buy a Pandora will be considered independent fashion tide.

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