Tiffany’s blue riding kettle

The American bicycle brand Specialized has brought a riding kettle with Tiffany Blue earlier. The blue, with the powerful magic power, injected more interesting elements into the sports temperament. Who says this is a girl’s exclusive? Different prints bring them different qualities, and boys can find what they need.

The new Specialized series riding kettle, are of American origin, 21 to 26 ounces from amorphous silica (glass) coating, self sealing Heart Valve heart valve valve. More use and a variety of sports environment, in addition to riding. Jogging, gym, yoga, or even in the office he will be your companion.

Specialized also reviewed a total of 13 theme series of sports kettles for us, ranging from 600 ml to 730 ml, which is suitable for cold storage in daily and summer. Three different designs of universal nozzle will meet your different needs.

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