Tiffany announced the third quarter results of the year

The famous jewelry brand Tiffany (Tiffany& Co) announced at the end of October this year’s performance in the third quarter, benefiting from the Asian market demand growth, quarter recorded a significant rise.

The total sales volume in the Asia Pacific region increased by 15% to 283 million US dollars during the period, and the turnover from January to October increased 8% to 775 million US dollars compared with last year. The main growth comes from mainland China’s business performance. As for the performance of the Japanese market, the third – degree season rose by 8% to $139 million a year, and the first ten months had a turnover of $407 million, and an annual increase of 3%. The American region recorded a quarterly turnover of $421 million, and a 1% increase year by year.

The global sales of the third quarter were $976 million, up 3% per year, and the growth of product categories came mainly from fashion jewelry, high-end jewelry and wedding rings. Net profit increased by 5% to $100 million in the quarter.

Group chief executive Alessandro Bogliolo said the third quarter performance is better than expected, the company believes that the long-term development of Tiffany still has great potential for growth. Looking forward to the future, the jewelry brand will be committed to the innovation of the product, and will strengthen the promotion of the electronic platform and enhance the customer’s store experience.

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