The millennial generation is puzzled by the purpose of Tiffany and Co

In November this year, the 180 – year – old company opened a Lan Hezi cafe on the four floor of the Fifth Avenue flagship store. This restaurant with Tiffany blue decoration, so that customers have a chance to do something Audrey Hepburn never did eat breakfast in Tiffany. It has become a hot spot for Chinese tourists to live in the film, rather than simply buying a piece of jewelry from the store.

A local tour guide who designed travel for the wealthy of the Chinese mainland told us that her customers were very resolute in visiting the restaurant, but they often felt the experience was not satisfactory. The quality of service, display and food – $29-60 – failed to meet their expectations of luxury brands like Tiffany. Still, they insist on sharing pictures on WeChat accounts.

Tiffany has joined the social media dialogue of China in a completely opposite way. Its high-end household products series includes 10 thousand US dollar bird’s nest, 1500 dollar coffee cans and 250 dollar pipette. Surprisingly, Chinese netizens think that only the most famous Chinese rich two generations — Wang Sicong — he bought two apples watch for his pet, her husband bought two apples watch — is actually bought $9000 worth of silver ball, perhaps to his favorite cat.

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