Why – The Richmond Net

Hello, you splendid humans you! I love connecting with you all on The Richmond Net. The response to my blog is heartening, and I can see that you are all on your own health and wellbeing pathways. I‘m very glad to be able to help you on your way by sharing my experience and what I’ve learnt on my own journey. I can feel a divine purpose rising within my soul to help each one of you find your own sense of wellbeing through writing about my own.

I decided to call this Blog ‘The Richmond Net’ for so many reasons. The obvious one is that my surname is and always will be Richmond. But why did I use the word ‘net’? Here is why.

1) My wellbeing is tied up to yours.
I imagine that we as humans are all in a net. Just like that scene in ‘Finding Nemo’ when all the fish in the net swim down together to escape the fishing trawler, we must all work together to find happiness through health and wellbeing. The Richmond Net that I throw out to you all is one of vitality and positivity. We are all in this net together. We are all connected. We may be individuals, but when we swim as one, we can achieve anything.

2) It’s simple maths.
Do you remember when you studied 3 dimensional objects at primary school? We all did it at least once. We would cut out a template, fold on the dotted lines, stick the edges together and suddenly we had a paper box, it was a wonder. Do remember what those templates were called? Nets! Those nets just needed some trimming, sticking, and bending… Presto! A strong magnificent box appeared. Just like those nets, I know we can all be molded into strong, magnificent humans. We just need the right cutting, sticking, and folding.

3) Online.
Finally, ‘The Richmond Net’ is an online space. I love how I can write something from my yoga room and send it out to anyone. It’s accessible to all. This inclusive medium of the internet perfectly represents the spirit of my blog. Anyone can read my insights and find their health and wellbeing, right here on the net.

Leap, and the net will appear. – John Burroughs

So ‘The Richmond Net’ is a wide-reaching connection that will help us all transform our lives right here on the internet. There really could be no other name for this incredible community.